Let OEM help address any air permit compliance issues such as emissions reporting, renewals or permit modifications. 

GroundWater & Soil

From small on-site spills to large long-term releases, OEM has engineered efficient, cost-effective "green" solutions.


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At OEM, Inc., we act in support, or in place of, your environmental compliance staff. We are focused on service to businesses large and small who must address a wide array of environmental compliance burdens with overloaded internal resources.  ​

Hiring an outsourced environmental consultant is actually an incredibly economical idea. We are able to provide high quality, custom solutions at lower costs due to our low, fixed overhead. Let us help you meet regulatory obligations while focusing on what you do best. 

About Us

Welcome to OEM!

Let us handle environmental and regulatory compliance so you can focus on your core business!

"We're a privately-owned and -operated business – always have been, always will be."  - Paul Moyer, Principal

OEM isn't made up of career consultants, we have years of industry experience and we understand the strains of compliance and cost. 

Our Compliance Sectors

Design, Enhancement & Permit Management


Investigation & Remidiation

GroundWAter & Soil


Design new treatment systems, enhance existing performance, and remain compliant with permit management.

Permit Compliance


Outsource Environmental Management

Personalized Environmental Compliance Assistance

OEM's mission is to leverage our years of broad industrial experience in the environmental sciences and regulatory affairs to benefit our clients, in the strictest confidence, by producing high-quality products, customized to meet or exceed our clients' expectations.