The End: Dependable project managers will "ramp-up" quickly and deliver your objectives with the utmost concern for customer satisfaction. 


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The Plan: Once we've identified the issue, we create realistic, "do-able" engineering solutions, to address the problem in the most cost effective, forward thinking way.




Paul M Moyer

Paul Moyer has been an environmental professional for over 30 years. He has handled compliance issues in 40 states nationwide and is familiar with a variety of compliance and regulatory obligations facing many businesses today. Paul has conducted over 1,000 environmental projects,  involving over 100 locations, in more than 40 different states during his time in the chemical transportation industry. 

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Professional Experience

We are nationally experienced Environmental Professionals that have worked with regulatory agencies in the industry for over 30 years. 

Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance - we're here to help!

We're ready to take on your compliance concerns. 


OEM, Inc. serves as a project consultant, a project assistant, a subcontractor to a Government Prime Contractor, a third-party property assessor or may provide independent expert testimony for legal proceedings.  We are specialists in grinding out the mundane, albeit required, paperwork associated with environmental, safety and health regulations, allowing you to focus on your core business. How do we do what we do? Simple...

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Outsource Environmental Management
Private - Small Business

Our business prides itself on the lower prices we are able to offer our customers for our high-level work due to our low overhead and fixed costs. As a privately owned company, your project and privacy is dealt with in the strictest confidence during and after working together on a solution. 

The problem: It all starts with a call. When you've found an issue, whether health, safety, or environmental, we are here to help you immediately so you can get back to business. 

Customer Focused

We aim to provide each customer with practical regulatory guidance combined with realistic, "do-able" engineering solutions, to address any problem with the most cost effective, forward thinking remedies.