Outsource Environmental Management

OEM Solutions

Audits & Training

OEM will perform Environmental, Health, and Safety facility audits and train your people at your site. Training and retraining on more efficient procedures can save you money in the long-run. You minimize waste generation, improve compliance and reduce your overall environmental risk.


  • Emmissions Inventory Reporting
  • Air Quality of Applications
  • Renewal and Permit Modifications

OEM can devote the time and assemble the expertise necessary to address your air permit compliance issues.

GroundWater & Soil

  • Conduct contamination investigation
  • Plan and assist in remediation
  • Transportation Emergency Responses

OEM has directed numerous Investigations and Corrective Actions involving contaminated soils and groundwater in several states. 

From small on-site spills to large long-term releases, OEM has engineered efficient, cost-effective "green" solutions.  Our experience also includes thousands of transportation Emergency Responses from instances such as rolled tanker trucks. We will help contain the situation and work toward remediation, first call to closure. 

Expert Testimonials

OEM provides Expert Testimony, both testifying and non-testifying to aid attorneys in technical litigation. Environmental proceedings are often complex with large volumes of technical documentation that must be considered. OEM acts as an advocate for your client, generating compelling testimony and technically sound opinions to support your case. 


  • Design new, efficient installations
  • Improve efficiency of current systems
  • Discharge permit management

OEM provides cost effective solutions for complex variable streams or recommend simple strength reduction technologies to save surcharge costs.

OEM's extensive experience working with Sewer Authorities in 25 states is applied to improve compliance, reporting, written responses, and troubleshooting as well as to build trust and enhance relationships with the regulating authority. 


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Waste ManagEment

Whether waste management is an on-going problem or not, it is usually a point of compliance during any inspection by a regulator or facility audit by a customer. OEM will develop customized written waste management programs or utilize existing In-house programs.